Friday, March 7, 2014

The word

Magnus is DONE. Everything looked good. He is Fontan-eligible! And we will get to go home tonight after 4 more hours here.

They're done

They said Magnus will be back to his room in 20-30 minutes...which means more like 40 minutes. I'll update after we get a chance to talk to the doctor.


The cath lab just called with an update. Apparently everything looks good and he doesn't have any collaterals they need to coil, so no nasty surprises there. The nurse I spoke to didn't say anything about his pressures or Fontan eligibility. But they're just going to open up the stent he has in his pulmonary artery, and then they'll be done. Dropoff in the cath lab went pretty well. They actually used oral versed and then IV meds rather than gas to sedate him. People often report that their kids get "goofy" with the versed, but with Magnus's normal goofy baseline, he didn't really seem any different! He just started talking more and more slowly and then went to sleep. Iggy and I had a nice lunch/dinner. Now we're in the UCSF library waiting for the call to go back and pick Magnus up.

OK, here we go

They're here to pick us up! Next update won't be for a soon as Magnus is under, Iggy and I are going to lunch...we've also been NPO since 3 a.m.


We are still waiting to go up. Magnus is being a champ. I am antsy, and STARVING.

Hopefully soon

The cath lab just called and they said they should be ready for Magnus within an hour! Next big obstacle will be seeing how he tolerates the anesthesia gas mask. This has been bad in the past.

Still waiting

Magnus got his IV, and as usual, he barely flinched. The child life specialist seemed skeptical when we told her that Magnus is usually very stoic for IV placements and blood draws and that he never cries, but both she and the IV nurse were pleasantly surprised. He's been busy playing with hospital toys and watching Spongebob on the much so that he hasn't even asked us for anything to eat or drink. And now that he has his IV, they're giving him some fluids and glucose, so hopefully that should keep him relatively comfortable. So far everything has been as easy as we could have possibly hoped, with the exception of having no idea when he'll go back for the cath.