Thursday, September 11, 2014


Magnus was back at school all last week, and brought home a beginning-of-the-year cold to share with all of us! We were worried, because that is the last thing his lungs need right now in their fragile state. Magnus was pretty sick for about 3 days with a runny nose and coughing and then seemed well enough to go back to school on Tuesday of this week. I seem to have gotten much sicker than he did and at this point have completely lost my voice, so I'm not sure how I'm going to be able to teach classes today!

His doctor had wanted us to bring Magnus in for a follow-up chest X-ray, especially since he's been sick. We did that last night, and the Dr. e-mailed me to say that she thinks he might have some fluid on his right lung again, but that she wasn't sure because she hadn't seen his last X-ray for comparison. I guess it's at least good that if there is fluid, it must be a pretty small amount, and hopefully it will be unchanged from his last X-ray. If it does look worse, I'm not sure what they will want us to do...maybe more diuretics. Nobody has said the "h" word yet, but I'm assuming it's not off the table. Sigh.