Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Two months

Magnus is 2 months old today. I was hoping he'd hit 8 pounds to celebrate, but he's been a bit pukey the last couple of days and he's just going to miss it.

We had a cardiology appointment today, and it went really well. His blood oxygen levels were 94% (really good for someone with his surgery) and he had an echocardiogram, too. His cardiologist was very happy with the echo--she told us that he'd had a mild tricuspid valve leak right after his surgery (which nobody ever told us about, but apparently it's very common and no big deal) and now the leak is gone.

The cardiologist also asked us if anyone from Dr. Azakie's office had called to schedule Magnus's next surgery yet. We said no, so she called over there and apparently his next surgery had been scheduled, but nobody had bothered to tell us. So as of now, his Glenn is scheduled for March 3rd.

That's a lot sooner than I thought it was going to be. Everyone had always said it would be "around 6 months," so I was thinking May sometime. I guess the main reason why they're scheduling it so much earlier is to allow flexibility in scheduling. I have heard of many families who've had their Glenn surgeries rescheduled at the last minute because it's not an emergency surgery, and UCSF only has the one senior pediatric heart surgeon. I suppose it's also good to get the Glenn over with on the early side because kids are much more stable post-Glenn...although given how well he is doing now, I feel a bit like I did before his first surgery, when it was hard to accept that he needed the surgery at all.

So, even though it was a really good appointment, Iggy and I both came home feeling pretty unsettled.

In more mundane news, we both need to start thinking about going back to work soon. So, sometime next month we're planning for Magnus to start a nanny share. 3 days a week, a nanny will be taking care of him and a baby girl who is 3 weeks older than him. The other family lives a 10-minute walk from our house, and the nanny is a very nice woman from Honduras with lots of experience. She's going to babysit for us on Thursday as a test run, but I have a good feeling about the arrangement.


  1. The glenn has a way of sneaking up quickly, but it's good to get it done while he's good and strong. Dr. Azakie told me that putting it off longer does him no favors, he likes to work on a kid when they are as healthy as possible. He'll be so much stronger afterward, he'll seem like a different baby....at least that was our experience. Anyway, happy 2 month birthday little man!

  2. Happy Two Months, Magnus!! 94%!! right on! good luck with your nanny :) Lovin all the new pictures!