Tuesday, February 9, 2010

And we're home!

As I had hoped, the hardest part of cath day turned out to be the hours we had to fast Magnus before the procedure.

They'd told us the cath would take 3 or 4 hours, but it took less than 2 (so I guess that made up for getting started 2 hours late). The doctors said that everything went very smoothly, they didn't need to do any interventions, and that his anatomy and pressures all look good and that he's a good candidate for his Glenn surgery (which is scheduled for 3 weeks from tomorrow).

They had to observe him for 4 hours after the procedure, during which time he mostly slept, ate and fussed a little bit, and had a couple of visitors. It was pretty weird having him in the hospital again after having him at home. I was worried that he'd be really fussy about having to be in the crib because at home he doesn't get put down too much because he doesn't like it, but he was OK, maybe because he was still recovering from the anesthetic.

After his time was up, they pulled out his IV and disconnected him from the monitors, and we put his clothes back on and took him home, where he continues to eat and sleep. Let's hope the sleepiness continues through the night, and that he doesn't decide that he's well-rested at 2 a.m.!


  1. So happy to hear that everything went well!

  2. wow Jen, that's amazing! in and out in one day, that's what I'm hoping for too! So cool that you got too see your favorite nurses!
    Ah I'm just happy to hear it went well and you guys are home already. The new pictures are great :)

  3. There's no place like home! You can't beat in & out in a day. That's a new record, I think!

  4. Jennifer, I am so happy for all three of you! For many weeks, some computer glitch has not permitted me to comment on your blog. Rest assured I have been following regularly for updates, and now mysteriously I can again comment. Magnus looks great!

  5. I'm so glad that things are going so well. He is so cute and he looks so much like both of you.

  6. Very glad everything went so well and that you're home so quickly!