Friday, March 7, 2014


The cath lab just called with an update. Apparently everything looks good and he doesn't have any collaterals they need to coil, so no nasty surprises there. The nurse I spoke to didn't say anything about his pressures or Fontan eligibility. But they're just going to open up the stent he has in his pulmonary artery, and then they'll be done. Dropoff in the cath lab went pretty well. They actually used oral versed and then IV meds rather than gas to sedate him. People often report that their kids get "goofy" with the versed, but with Magnus's normal goofy baseline, he didn't really seem any different! He just started talking more and more slowly and then went to sleep. Iggy and I had a nice lunch/dinner. Now we're in the UCSF library waiting for the call to go back and pick Magnus up.

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