Sunday, November 7, 2010

Finally asleep

Not me, obviously, but after getting those 5 hours last night, and then barely napping all day (it wasn't too hard to understand; we were in a bay with two other families who had a lot of visitors all day long, many of whom were small children, plus it was right where the nurses usually hang out and talk, so between all that plus the normal hospital noises of IV pumps and monitors beeping, it was incredibly loud.

Finally, a little after 4, our nurse suggested that we try giving him Benadryl. I told him that we'd given him Benadryl twice last night with little effect, but at that point I was willing to try anything. He immediately passed out and stayed asleep for several hours. When he woke up, though, he was totally freaked out and wouldn't stop screaming. I eventually calmed him down, though, and then he went right back to sleep. In fact, I think he never really woke up, even though he was screaming; he had this glazed look in his eyes the whole time.

We started him on oxygen here in the hospital, and while I hate the idea of having another medical thing to deal with, I can see already how much easier it makes things on his body, especially while he's sleeping. Not only are his oxygen saturations much higher, his heart rate and breathing rate are lower. So maybe being on oxygen at night will also help with the weight gain thing, which continues to be a bit of a struggle.

I'm also happy because I like the nurse we have tonight, and we had a fantastic nurse during the day. Last night we had a nurse that I'm not so fond of. We also got moved to a much quieter bay, which is fantastic. There's only one other kid in here, and he's asleep, so hopefully we're in for a much quieter and more restful night.


  1. Hope you all had a good night. Sounds like Mom could use a few of those Benadryl tablets or perhaps something stronger!

  2. Hope you were able to get some sleep last night and that Magnus is feeling better.