Monday, June 20, 2011


Magnus had his 18-month pediatrician's check-up today (although yesterday was his 19 month birthday). Although the scale said he had lost a couple of ounces from earlier this month in the hospital (I think the hospital scale is just a little heavier), he is still on the growth charts for both height and weight!

We asked the nurse to measure his oxygen sats while we were there, and they were 89-90% with oxygen on, and 84-85% with it off. I think both those numbers were probably artificially high (sat monitors have dubious reliability in general), we were very happy with those numbers. I never updated the blog about this, but shortly after Magnus got out of the hospital, I finally got to talk to his cardiologist about the possibility of coming off oxygen. She wanted him to stay on it for a few weeks after the cath to adjust to his new circulation after having all those collaterals coiled off, but she hinted that if his sats looked good at his next cardiology appointment, which is on July 11th, it was a possibility. Keep your fingers crossed...

One unfortunate aspect of today's appointment was that it was all too clear that Magnus had learned from his last hospitalization that those people in scrubs are NOT his friends. He sobbed while the nurse measured and weighed him and I had to put the sat probe on him because he wouldn't let the nurse do it. He was actually pretty good with the doctor, though, until she tried to use the dreaded stethoscope on him. Probably because she wasn't wearing scrubs. It didn't help that he had to get a shot today, but it was only one. All in all, it was not a bad visit.


  1. good to hear, jen! in my experience, O2 sat monitors are frequently underreading, but rarely overreading, so hopefully those numbers are real.

  2. Wow - this is all very good news. Way to go, Magnus!