Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Just dropped off

We finally brought Magnus up to the cath lab around 1:30, and are now eating lunch.

This morning actually went pretty smoothly, except when they tried and failed (but only once) to put in an IV and when they put him under with gas for the cath. Magnus was otherwise in good spirits and charmed everyone. We were also impressed that he now weighs 10.3 kilos (about 22.5 lbs). At the end of March he had just barely cracked 20 lbs, so that is very good gain.

I am having some trouble with hospital internet access so updates may be sporadic.

We don't expect to hear anything from the cath lab for a while; they said that we should call them if we don't hear anything by 4:30. Will let you know more as I am able!

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