Sunday, August 24, 2014

Day 4

This morning started out pretty well. Magnus slept through the big earthquake we had last night (I most definitely did not) as well as the 2 vitals checks and a mid-night diaper change. I had managed to talk the doctors out of doing any morning labs today, so we didn't have a blood draw. After breakfast and meds, Magnus had an X-ray and we went down to the outdoor courtyard and played for a while. When we came back, we were right in time for the team to round on him, but we unfortunately learned that his X-ray looked about the same as yesterday, or if anything, a little bit worse. His fluid balance had been even over the last 24 hours (he was taking in the same amount as he was peeing out, so basically no progress). They decided to add a second diuretic to try to accelerate things. The lack of progress was a little disappointing, but then my cousin Chris came to visit us and even brought us some non-hospital food for lunch. We went outside to eat, and showed Chris the train and thoroughly enjoyed our visit. Then it was time to go back to the room for his afternoon IV diuretic dose and ugggh, his IV had gone bad. The vascular access experts are not here on Sundays, so after they took his old IV out, they let us go to the playroom while they tried to find someone good. So, they tried. Twice. It was bad. There was a lot of rooting around. Magnus was very brave. So brave that as soon as it was over, I took him down to the vending machine to get a Rice Krispie Treat. Luckily, we did then get a reprieve and they're going to wait until tomorrow morning when the vascular access team is here to try again. The down side of that is that this may delay the resolution of the effusion, but I feel OK with that tradeoff.

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