Monday, October 12, 2009

Boring appointments are good

We're just back from another round of cervical checking and OB-visiting and happily, things seem pretty much unchanged.

Our requisite scare of the day came when the ultrasound tech was unable to find my cervix and had to go get the radiologist so they could scan me together. This happened once before, as you may remember. Anyway, they finally did find it, and their verdict was that it was basically unchanged...same length and still closed, which is excellent.

The OB appointment we had directly afterwards took forever, but was pretty uneventful. Our OB decided that we are not going to do any more cervical length monitoring or fetal fibronectin testing from here on out, which is fine with me, because it just gives me more stress and they can't really do anything for me anyway.

So, the next steps are that at 34 weeks, I start doing non-stress testing, to make sure the baby is getting enough oxygen and everything, and then the following week I have another ultrasound to check the baby's growth, another OB appointment, and a follow-up fetal echocardiogram. That is a lot of appointments. Thank god I work right across the street!


  1. No news is good news! I'm glad everyone is still in good shape.

  2. I agree...boring appointments are good! I know it seems like the appointments are never-ending, especially the closer you get. Thinking of you every day.