Friday, October 30, 2009

Non-stress test #2 less stressful

I was very nervous that this morning's non-stress test could end up as another trip to labor and delivery, but it actually went pretty smoothly. They had me on the contraction monitor for about an hour and only registered one small contraction, which is nothing to worry about. My amniotic fluid levels still look good, and baby is still practice breathing. The one thing they said they were going to check with the doctor about is the fact that it took him a while to "become reactive," i.e. to get his heart rate up high enough above baseline. I think that might just be because he was a little sluggish this morning...perhaps he takes after his father, who really doesn't like to be awake before 11 a.m. They said they'd call me back if the doctor thought this was a legitimate reason for concern, but I'm feeling pretty good about how things went today.


  1. Didn't they use the buzzer clicker thingy on your belly to give the baby a "jump start"? I never felt Gabe move like he did when they used that on him. Thank goodness they only had to use it once!
    Glad to see that all is well with you and the little one. Have you come up with a name yet?

  2. They used the worked for a few seconds and then he mellowed out again, which is another thing that makes me think he takes after his father temperamentally: many times I have come home to find that the alarm clock has been going off for an hour while my husband snoozes away peacefully!

    In the end, he finally did get active after I ate some M&Ms.

    We actually picked out a name for him very early, before we got our HLHS diagnosis, but we're not telling anyone until after he's born!

  3. By the way, how is Gabe doing, Lisa? I've been checking your blog for updates, but assume that no news is good news!

  4. All is well here. He keeps us so busy! When the choices are sleep or blog, sleep usually wins.