Tuesday, December 21, 2010

All done

We're in the anesthesia recovery unit right now waiting to see Magnus. We got the call that they'd finished up a little after 7.

The good news is pretty much what you've already heard: the cath itself went smoothly, and they were able to coil off his remaining collaterals in less time than they expected.

The bad news: his pressures are not too much different. However, the doctor who I spoke to on the phone, who was rather pessimistic with me when Magnus had his last cath, said that this may just be because not that much time has passed since his previous cath. The upshot is that he will need ANOTHER cath in a couple of months, and then we will really hope to see some improvement in his pressures. That cath should hopefully also be easier because they will hopefully just be checking his pressures and not doing so many interventions.

We had hoped that this cath would give us good news about his pressures and that maybe then we'd be able to wean him off the oxygen, but I guess not.

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  1. My vote is with the formerly pessimistic doctor who says there just may not have been enough time since the previous cath. The human body is capable of righting msny things. Let's just be thankful that we've made it through another procedure, and that the poor little guy can eat tomorrow. Know that you are always in our thoughts!