Tuesday, December 7, 2010

On the schedule

Magnus's cath has finally been scheduled, and will be on December 21st. This is the result of multiple phone calls and e-mails on my part, and I figured out today that I think the scheduling was complicated by the fact that when our cardiologist e-mailed the scheduler, she gave her MY last name, which is different from Magnus's, so they couldn't find his information, blah blah blah. Anyway, we're on the books now. Chances are Magnus will probably still feel lousy for Christmas, and we may even still be in the hospital and/or digesting any possible bad news from the cath, but we're not really big Christmas people anyway. Plus, our babysitter is going to be out of town, so I'd be taking time off work to be with him anyway.


  1. Glad that it has been scheduled, and we'll be cheering for him here in MA. Hope all goes well. Sending our love and best wishes.

  2. It sucks to be in the hospital during the holidays, period. Hopefully you won't have to be there too long. Sending lots of good thoughts your way :)

  3. It seems being in the hospital at Christmas may have some positives. Fewer people are in so you get lots of attention. Then there are the traveling carolers, and the various elves passing out candy and treats. Stay positive and the East Coast cheering squad is behind you 100%. It's just one more mountain to climb, and you're an expert!

  4. Jen, thinking of you and your little guy -- and hoping only for the best.

    Congrats on his big birthday!