Friday, July 31, 2009

More small steps

I realize that an in-depth recounting of the scheduling of every doctor's appointment may not be of interest to many, but this blog is the main way I've been communicating this stuff to our families, so I hope the rest of you will skim over some of these details as you wish.

Anyway, there were basically two small developments yesterday. I finally set up an appointment with the head of cardiac catheterization (and of course, the only time he had available conflicted with an OB appointment I'd already made, so then I had to reschedule that, and now I'm seeing a different doctor, which might not be a good idea, but whatever). The other development was that I got an e-mail back from my friend-of-a-friend down at Stanford saying that they'd reviewed our echocardiogram and saying "there is nothing new about it that wasn't seen before." It might have been nice to get a more in-depth analysis, but she said I could call them any time. Oh, and I finally did get insurance authorization to actually have a proper consult down there, but I don't know if we really need it at this point. Anyway, I guess it's good to know that there are no other major problems with the heart that can be seen at this point.

So, as it stands now, we have 5 medical appointments in a 2-week stretch at the end of August: surgeon consult, a regular OB appointment (I get to do my glucose challenge!), the cardiac catheterization doc's consult, a followup echocardiogram, and another ultrasound to make sure that the baby is growing and that everything else looks basically OK. I guess this is our new life.

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