Saturday, September 26, 2009


Outside view:

Inside view:


  1. How did you manage that embryonic "Mom" tattoo?

  2. awww, cute profile! and your belly looks cute too! Hoping for a good OB appt for ya on Monday! Try not to sweat the cervix stuff, it's just millimeters after all...just take it easy and rest :)

  3. I love both pictures and will be thinking good thoughts for the three of you for Monday.

  4. Looking good! I hope that you get nothing but good news at the OB tomorrow. You need it and deserve it :-)
    Don't you sometimes wish that the medical folks would follow the "what you don't know won't hurt you" rule? I had to keep reminding myself that many other women in the past may have experienced the same things I was going through, but they were none the wiser due to lack of technology at that time. Ah, the "good old days"!
    Take good care of yourself and that little one. Enjoy every moment of your pregnancy and celebrate the life growing inside of you. You'll never experience anything else like it.

  5. Love the pictures!!! So adorable!