Thursday, September 10, 2009

Still 2.4 cm!

We had a followup ultrasound and OB appointment today and it looks like my cervix is measuring the same, still 2.4 cm. This is good news, but of course, we couldn't have a doctor's appointment without a scare of some sort, which today came in the form of the first ultrasound technician being unable to find my cervix. He brought in a second technician, who squinted at the screen, fiddled around a bit, and was finally able to find it.

By the way, never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that someday I would be blogging about the anatomy of my cervix. But I suppose my dignity is a small sacrifice to make in all of this. On Tuesday, I told my boss about my fetal fibronectin results. "Oh good, is that a blood test?" he asked. "Um, no," I said, "it's, uh, not a blood test." I couldn't quite bring myself to articulate to him the bodily fluid used for the test, even though my boss is a physician himself. Anyway, I think he got the picture.

Because things look pretty stable, our OB suggested that we do another ultrasound in two weeks, so we have scheduled that for Friday, September 25th, with another OB appointment on the 28th. The OB gave us the option of doing another fetal fibronectin test, too, but I kind of feel like if the ultrasounds continue to look OK, it doesn't really make sense to do the fetal fibronectin, too, especially since I am supposed to be on "pelvic rest," so the less poking and prodding, the better.


  1. Thanks for the update!! Very happy to hear this.

  2. I'm so pleased to hear positive news, Jen. Thinking of you three often.

  3. hang in there! Happy one year anniversary upcoming....and hope you continue to have lots of little/big reasons to celebrate!!