Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Today is going to be an eventful day:

-I will get my Fetal Fibronectin results back.

-My sister and her husband go for their 20-week ultrasound and hopefully find out the gender of their baby and get a clean bill of health for him or her.

-We're having the final inspection on our house this morning, the culmination of a major, 15-month-long remodel on our house! There's no reason why we shouldn't pass, but sometimes the city inspectors can be a little funny.

-I'm bringing the car in for its 40,000 mile service today, and hoping they won't find anything unexpectedly and expensively wrong with it.

One thing that should definitely go right today: Iggy hired someone to come and give our house a thorough cleaning today as an anniversary present! That might not sound so romantic, but I can't think of much else I'd rather have right now. We also had a fabulous dinner at the Cafe at Chez Panisse last night, so overall, a pretty excellent first anniversary.


  1. Thinking good thoughts from the Antipodes. Happy anniversary!

  2. OH! Happy anniversary (belated!!) - what a difference a year can make, eh? Hope we get to see you and Iggy sometime?! And as always, sending good thoughts!