Monday, September 28, 2009

Too much information

Just got back from our OB appointment. Our OB didn't seem too disconcerted by my shortening cervix. We decided to follow up by doing another fetal fibronectin test today (results should be in tomorrow) and scheduling another ultrasound in 2 weeks (on October 12th). This next ultrasound will be the last one to check my cervix, since according to our OB, the predictive value of cervical length monitoring as an indicator of preterm birth starts to go down around 28 weeks anyway.

The other ultrasound results all seemed to be OK. I have to admit that I did get nervous for a second when the doctor told me that the baby was now measuring at the 60th percentile. Because he was in the 70th percentile before! And oh my god, maybe he's stopped growing! Which is totally ridiculous, because those measurements have a wide range of error, and he gained nearly a pound in September, and still seems to be above average. At this point, it seems like every piece of information is a potential source of anxiety, and I'm hugely relieved that we only have one more cervical ultrasound to go. A part of me didn't even want to do the fetal fibronectin test today, but hopefully it will come back negative and buy us another couple of weeks of peace of mind.

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