Tuesday, September 29, 2009

So much for peace of mind

Fetal fibronectin came back positive. Definitely not the result we were hoping for, but since the predictive value of a positive result is not clear, we're still holding out hope that he stays in there AT LEAST another 4 weeks.

On the plus side, we passed our final inspection. Still waiting to hear about the car and my sister's baby.

Updated: my sister is having a boy and the car is fine!


  1. I am hopeful too! I gather that a negative result is good, but a positive result isn't necessarily bad? I will think good staying-in-there thoughts.

    Do you get to take another Fetal fibronectin after a bit? Is it possible the next one will be negative?

  2. That's a good way to put it, Mo. A negative result is good, but a positive one isn't necessarily bad.

    The OB wants to retest me when I come back on October 12th. It is possible to have a negative test after a positive one. After that, I'm done with testing, because it's normal for everyone to be fetal fibronectin positive after 33-34 weeks.

  3. I will continue praying that he stays in for at least 4 more weeks. Sending positive thoughts your way!