Friday, December 4, 2009

Bottle feeding

Yet again, Magnus achieved all the goals his doctors set out for him today. He's now on all oral medications (though he does have one peripheral IV still in in case he needs it, but that's all!). He did just fine with bolus feeding. And he had his first two bottle feedings today!

As we'd hoped, he did really well with the bottle. The first bottle, they gave him 18 ml of milk, and he was able to drink 15 ml of that in 10 minutes. He only spit up minimally, and generally seemed to tolerate it well. For his second feeding, they gave him 20 minutes, and he was able to drink 25 ml. I think he could have done even better were it not for the fact that he really didn't sleep at all this afternoon, and then he JUST fell asleep before feeding time. But again, he tolerated it well, with minimal spitting-up. Right now they're going to keep him on continuous tube feeding at night just to make sure he continues to gain weight quickly, but he'll be doing 3 bottle feedings during each day. Hopefully tomorrow he'll do even better. The goal is for him to be able to take in 60 ml at each feeding.


  1. Dear Jen and Iggy,
    Hurray for Magnus! A real take-charge boy! "I'm done with this nose tube!" YANK "Gimmee that bottle!" SLURP [I've been waiting to eat for a while you know]
    We couldn't be happier!

    Love, Grandma Carol and Grandpa Patrick

  2. Way to go, Magnus! We're thrilled about this news!

  3. go freakin Magnus!!! I'm tellin Julianne about this kid! so amazing, I hope you realize he's just awesome! yeah, SEND ME HOME! ha ha!

    couldn't be happier for you guys :)

  4. !!!!Magnus!!!! Couldn't be happier for all of you. Sounds like this little guy is already an overachiever....

  5. This kid just puts his head down and barrels forward - old family trait! Milestone after milestone, he just keeps going. And we are so pleased and grateful!

  6. Way to go, Magnus!

    Patrick (posted while Grandma Carol is X-mas shopping)