Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Fussy day

Magnus continues to make progress, but today was kind of a rough day for us. Maybe it's just that now he's getting food, he has the energy to be fussy, but he was super unhappy all morning, and was even fussing in his sleep! On top of being fussy to start with, he also had to have his IV line replaced this morning because he wiggled so much he ruined his old one. Unfortunately, that took a lot of poking and prodding followed by 2 tries with the needle (the first time they got it in, they realized it was in an artery and not a vein). Then we had to move rooms because someone else needed the one we were in.

Like I said, though, he is making progress, and he got his chest drainage tubes out this afternoon! He seemed to settle down a little after that, and I'm hopeful this will make for a happier Magnus in general, because all the nurses were saying that chest tubes are really uncomfortable to have in. They certainly don't look pleasant.

They also doubled his feeding rate this morning. He's still only at 4 cc's per hour, which is not much, but they're hoping to ramp him up to 18 cc's/hr by tomorrow. There's also been some talk about weaning him off his high-flow nasal cannula.

So, little by little, he's getting unplugged! I just hope he gets to enjoy it a little more now.


  1. Another day; another step forward. We so look forward to the daily reports. Between this and the photos we feel as if we're almost there. This is about the time when the most angelic of babies frequently beoomes fussy. It is frustrating, but he'll do much better once you get to really hold him. My Grandma K (not yours) always said you need to wrap them up tightly to make them feel comfortable and secure - remember, not very long ago he was in very cramped quarters.
    Sending many thanks for keeping us in the loop and much love!

  2. Ordered a special hat for Magnus today. It's being custom made, and I think Iggy, especially, will appreciate it! So glad that Magnus continues to make progress. Babies tend to get fussier in their second to third week of life, so I'm not surprised about Magnus. Seems he has a long way to go to rival his mom, who I think may have been an all-time champ at fussiness, and she didn't even have any tubes stuck in her! Thanks for the update - We live for them!

  3. aww, I'm sorry to hear he's unhappy, always makes for a hard day. He seems like he's progressing nicely, which is really good to hear! Is he 1 week post op now? JOshua wasn't extubated for 3 weeks, so Magnus is light years ahead of that! Anyway, I am so glad that Magnus is such a fighter...I love reading his progress!

  4. Go, Magnus, Go! Chest tubes are extremely uncomfortable; even adults get very fussy with them, and I certainly hope to never experience one. Hope today is better! -Elaine