Monday, December 7, 2009


So yesterday, Magnus continued to have issues with fast breathing and what seemed to me to be signs of GI problems (throwing up, and generating a poopy diaper every hour or so). So, this morning, we talked with his nurse practitioner, and she agreed to put him back on straight breastmilk, but she's putting him back on continuous feeds overnight so that he gets in enough calories. She also increased the dosage of one of his heart medications. They implemented those changes mid-morning, and by this afternoon, it seemed like one or both of these things was working. His breathing became more normal, and he was much less fussy than yesterday, and seemed to be on a much more normal pooping schedule. He also started taking milk from the bottle again, which he had basically stopped doing when he was getting the fortified stuff. So, hopefully, all that will continue to be the case.

Being on continuous feeds is a bit of a step backwards for him, but at this point, I am happy to do whatever will help him gain weight and get out of the hospital! This morning, I was thinking about how when Magnus first had his surgery, it seemed so scary that one day we would have to bring him home from the hospital and take care of him ourselves. Now it doesn't seem like any big deal, and I can't wait for us to get the hell out of there!


  1. Haha! I know that feeling of wanting the heck out of that place. As good as they are there, there's no place like home.

  2. I'm so glad you were able to get Magnus put back on straight breast milk. I always say, "Don't mess with Mother Nature." Although if you hadn't messed with Mother Nature, Magnus wouldn't be alive. So, let me change that to "Mess with Mother Nature only when necessary!
    Sending lots of love to Magnus, Jen and Iggy!