Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Too many doctors' appointments

When Magnus was released from the hospital last Thursday, they told us that we would need to bring him in to the pediatrician's for twice-weekly weight checks, which sounded reasonable to us. What we didn't realize at that time was that since it was the week before Christmas, and short notice, the only place we'd be able to bring him was the pediatric Urgent Care clinic. As I mentioned before, our first appointment was last Friday, and they told us that since the clinic was only open Monday-Wednesday this week, we'd have to bring him back on Monday and Wednesday. And we had a cardiology appointment on Tuesday.

Anyway, we dutifully attended our appointments on Friday and Monday, but each one took three hours. An hour's wait in the waiting room with a bunch of sick kids. Then waiting to see the nurse and answering a million questions. Then waiting to see the doctor and answering the exact same questions. And then on top of that, his weight was down at Monday's appointment, but they weighed him at a different time of day on a different scale than they had on Friday. The inaccuracy of this measurement was further confirmed when the home health care nurse weighed him at our house later that same day and he was the same weight as on Friday.

So, at our first cardiology appointment yesterday (where they weighed him yet again on yet another scale at yet a DIFFERENT time of day...he was up again), the doctor told us we should just rent a baby scale and weigh him at home, so that is what we're doing. And we don't have another doctor's appointment until January 4th, when we go back to the cardiologist!

The cardiology appointment went fine, they didn't really do much since he'd been discharged from the hospital so recently. The cardiologist did mention, though, that we'd probably need to schedule Magnus's second surgery soon. He won't have it until he's about 6 months old, but I guess Dr. Azakie's schedule gets filled up well in advance. It's pretty terrifying to think about his next surgery coming up when he just finished this first one. I always knew we'd have to do it eventually, but having a date set will make it a lot more real.


  1. The time between the Norwood & Glenn is such a blurr now - because of the constant, meds, feedings, pumping, dr. appt. etc. etc. Life slows way down after the Glenn! You won't know what to do with yourselves. The thought of surgery # 2 isn't great, I know, but just remind yourself that you'll have a new & improved Magnus on your hands afterward. It'll amaze you!
    Also, really good to hear that he's easy going!

  2. Our insurance company case manager recommended that we ask for the first, last, or right before lunch appointment slot to minimize the cootie factor.
    I'm hoping that you didn't tell Magnus how early they could do his next surgery. Gabe had his done on the day he turned 4 months old, which was the earliest they could do it.
    I am happy that all is going well for you & Magnus. You'll never travel anywhere the same way again now that you have him.
    Merry Christmas!