Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Magnus finally got food in his belly for the first time ever today! Unfortunately, it was through an NG tube, which he really did not enjoy having placed, but they want to start him out on slow continuous feeds to make sure he tolerates it OK. He's getting it very slowly, 2 cc's per hour, but I'm thrilled that he's finally getting to use some of the breastmilk I've been storing all this time! If he does OK with the continuous feeds, they're going to try him with a bottle on Friday, probably.

Magnus also got his intracardiac line out today, and will hopefully get his chest tubes out tomorrow.

I also got to hold him again for a while today, which was very exciting! We couldn't do chest-to-chest yet because he's still got his lines in, but it shouldn't be too long now.

Sorry my recent updates have been so cursory, but I have been spending almost all my time at the hospital, and when I'm home, I'm trying to squeeze in eating, sleeping and pumping, so not much time left over for blog posts!


  1. This is about the best birthday news that Dad could get! Good job, Magnus! I'm so glad you got to hold him, too.

  2. yay for breastmilk! take care of yourself Jen!

  3. Yipee, food! I'm so glad you are getting to hold Magnus again, and that it wont be long until you can be skin to skin to skin. I hope you are getting some sleep, and that the pumping is going well!

    Rachel B

  4. Wonderful! What can't Magnus do?!

  5. Magnus Magnus
    He's our man!
    If he can't do it
    Nobody can!

    I am so happy for you and the guys, Jen!
    I'm glad you're getting to hold Magnus again.
    He needs his mom {and his dad!} more than ever.