Saturday, March 6, 2010

The plan

At morning rounds today, the doctors confirmed that Magnus is on schedule to get his cardiac line, his pacer wires, and his chest tubes removed tomorrow! I asked the nurse if this meant that he would be eligible to move from the ICU to the step-down unit, and she said that since he's so stable, he's actually eligible to move there now, except that there's no space over there. That's fine with us, since the ICU is a lot nicer than the step-down unit. Here he's got a big private room with a beautiful view of the park, the Golden Gate Bridge, and the Marin Headlands. Over there, he'd be sharing a bay with two other kiddos and none of the rooms have such nice views (if your bay even has a window at all).

I think I forgot to mention that Magnus had an NG tube placed yesterday...the original plan was to just feed him by bottle after he came off the vent, but because his lungs were kind of congested, they decided to start him with tube feeding instead just so they didn't have to worry about his breathing, I guess. But today we're going to bottle feed him, so hopefully, the NG tube will go soon, too.


  1. More good news - Go, Magnus and Magnus's support team, Jen and Iggy!

  2. Holy smokes, he's on the fast track!

    Way to be little guy!

  3. I hope bottle feeding went well for you today. I'm glad to hear that Magnus continues to make steady progress!

  4. Hanging on every word, back here in the East! Keep up the good work, all three of you! We are so grateful for all the positive reports.

  5. Hi, Jen and Iggy: Give Magnus an extra hug for us. Sounds like he is doing well. We check the blog frequently; it makes my work day more enjoyable to pause and see how he is doing! We hope he can come home soon. I hope enjoys meeting Grandpa Eddie.

    Patrick and Carol