Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Progress report

I spent last night at the hospital with Magnus, and while it was a better night than the one before, it is definitely taking a toll on both Iggy and myself to see our little guy so unhappy. I don't know if it's because he is in chronic low-level pain, or just because he's freaked out from everything he's been through, but every time he has his diaper changed or his temperature taken (axillary, not rectal!), he SCREAMS. And then his sats go down and the monitor beeps, and it's just a very stressful situation.

So anyway, I spoke to the nurse practitioner again this afternoon and we went over what he still has to do to get out of here. For one thing, he has to get off of oxygen. He's actually had his oxygen turned off for the last hour or so, and the cannula is still in his nose, which actually makes it a little harder to breathe than not having the cannula at all, and he's been doing fine. The one exception to this is the aforementioned screaming whenever anything is done to him, but he is usually able to recover his sats pretty quickly. I don't think getting off oxygen will be a problem.

The next thing he has to do is to transition from IV to oral diuretics. That's going to happen tomorrow, and again, I am pretty optimistic.

The third thing is the one I am most worried about, which is that he has to show that his infection issues are under control. They're still not sure about the source of his infection, his temperature has been normal, and his white blood cell count was down from yesterday...but still elevated. Basically, they're going to test him again tomorrow, and his white blood cell count has to be normal in order for him to go home. This is the one that makes me the most nervous, because his WBCs were still elevated this morning despite having had 24 hours of IV antibiotics. Tomorrow he will have another 24 hours' worth on board, and hopefully that will do the trick, but who knows.

The upshot is, I think that if his WBCs look good tomorrow morning, we should be able to go home Friday. And I really, really, really hope we can go home Friday.

In happy news, Magnus's grandpa Eddie and grandma Debbie arrived in town this afternoon, and got to meet Magnus for the first time! I wish he were a little more himself right now but hopefully, they'll get to experience Magnus in all his glory before they go home next week!


  1. I really hope you can go home Friday as well. Please try to take care of yourselves, because you and Iggy can be of more help to Magnus if you are not all stressed out. I know, easier said than done. Hang in there and know that we love you guys and are sending our best wishes every hour of every day.

  2. If there is a plus side to screaming, it is he has ENERGY, which is better than listless and fatigue. That would make me think machine recordings of SATS are probably getting as much artifact as accuracy during his anxious moments.

    (but I'm just guessing of course!)

    Whatever the case, GOOD LUCK! Hope you go home tomorrow!

  3. I've faithfully read your updates and continue to send positive thoughts your way. As Ruth advised, take care of yourselves. Magnus is one lucky little guy to have such dedicated and committed parents. He's such a cutie! My fingers are crossed that the infection is gone and you can go home Friday. Wishing you the best, Julianne's Grandma

  4. Ahh, sorry you guys are still's to hoping for Friday!
    Josh developed severe anxiety attacks after a couple of weeks in the ICU. The smallest things would set him off (checking temp, 2 people in scrubs entering the room together, etc). It got to the point where they'd give him Verced (sp?) when we could anticipate a negative reaction. But remember Josh took 6 weeks to recover from the Glenn & you guys will be out of there in no time. Just want to reassure you that it's normal for little guys to go bananas once they've figured out the drill. Also, in the entire 6 weeks Josh was never totally himself, but as soon as we got home & settled he was back & better than ever!
    This time next week the hospital will be but a memory!

  5. I think we'd all be pretty cranky in his situation, so hang in there Magnus, you are doing great! Hope you get to go home soon.