Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Up and down

Magnus has continued to have a much better day. His temperature, which they check every couple of hours, has been normal, which indicates that the infection issue seems to be under control.

His sats were really good this morning, so his nurse turned his oxygen down by half a liter. He seemed to do fine for several hours, but then this afternoon, he started to get fussy and his sats went down again. We tried several things to remedy the situation, including suctioning a bunch of gunk out of his nasal passages and thumping on his back to loosen the mucus in his lungs, but this actually seemed to make the situation worse, so we had to turn his oxygen back up to where it was this morning. But then around 5 p.m., he finally calmed down and fell asleep, and since then his sats have been great...so good that they turned the oxygen back down again, and as of this moment he's still doing really well. But my optimism is somewhat guarded given the events of today. I discussed things with the nurse practitioner and she talked about the possibility of sending him home on oxygen, which I'm really, really, really hoping doesn't happen, and I don't think it will.

One other good thing about today is that we have had some great nurses helping us out. Hoi, his heroic nurse from last night, is back with us tonight, and greatly relieved to see that he seems poised to have a much better night.

One other funny thing...when I came to the hospital this morning, Iggy told me that the mom of the patient in one of the adjoining bays told him that she had read this blog and had sent me an e-mail a while back. And then it all clicked into place...we were right next door to the Truhes. I had actually spoken briefly to Jackie last night when she kindly gave us one of their chairs, and it occurred to me at the time that she looked kind of familiar (because I'd seen her photo on her blog) but somehow my brain didn't put it all together at the time. Anyway, I know that Magnus made her night pretty miserable last night with his screaming, but she was very polite about it! They got discharged today, but have to come back in a few weeks so that Grace can get her pacemaker fixed.

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