Saturday, November 21, 2009

I'm on the mend

I had a pretty rocky day yesterday between the preeclampsia, the nasty drugs they were giving me for the preeclampsia and having hardly slept in 3 days. But last night, I manged to get a fairly good night's sleep, they pulled out all my IVs just after midnight, and I'm feeling like myself again.

I just now got back from talking to Magnus's cardiologist and surgeon about surgical options. They said that basically they thought he was a good candidate for either surgery, but that given their strong track record with the Norwood, they thought that was the more conservative option. That's been my feeling, too. We don't have to decide until the last minute, but I feel pretty sure we're going to go the Norwood route. I think I mentioned the other day that Magnus's surgery is scheduled for Wednesday, and that is still the case.


  1. Hoorah for sleep! You really have a gorgeous little boy there. We'll be thinking of you on Wednesday - I think Magnus is going to do great; you and Iggy just have to hang in there! It's amazing how much you love the little buggers isn't it? ;)

  2. Glad to hear that you are feeling better and all is well with Magnus. It's good that you and the doctors agree about what surgery he will have. I have faith that Magnus the Mighty will sail through with flying colors on Wednesday.

  3. dr. azakie is nothing short of a miracle worker! you are in such good hands. i totally trust his judgement...we'll be praying for you this week!
    glad you're on the mend!

  4. Amazing what sleep can do! He's adorable, and I'm glad you are both getting to hold him. I'll be thinking of all of you on Wednesday!