Friday, November 20, 2009


Iggy and I spent a few hours with Magnus in the NICU this evening. He had his eyes open for much of the time we were there, and I tried to get some good pictures, but couldn't, really, because the lighting was dim. Iggy also got to hold him for the first time, which Magnus seemed to like!

We also finally got to talk to Magnus's cardiologist while we were in the NICU. As we already knew, he told us that different people had spent the day taking lots of images of Magnus's heart and other aspects of his anatomy. Tomorrow, the plan is for everyone to get together and come up with an official recommendation (basically Norwood vs. hybrid) as to how best to proceed based on his particular case.

We also learned that as of now, he is tentatively scheduled for surgery next Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving.

As for me, I was originally slated to be liberated from my IVs 24 hours after birth, but as fate would have it, I started to develop some pretty severe swelling over the course of the evening and into the night, and a few other symptoms which made them more worried about my preeclampsia. So, unfortuately, I am back on the IVs for another 24 hours (or more) which is a pretty huge bummer for me. The swelling is also pretty ankles are so swollen now that it's getting to be hard to flex my feet enough to walk! Anyway, I really, really, really hope that this resolves soon. I am DYING to take a proper shower, to wear normal clothes, and to walk around without being tethered to a pole!

Several people have started to ask us about visiting. We had told some people Thursday that today (Friday) might be a good time to come visit, but given my own complications, I think it might be best to hold off for another day. However, to let people know for when the time comes, visitor policy in the NICU is pretty strict: basically, he is restricted to 2 visitors at a time, and one of them must be a parent. Obviously, we are asking anyone who is sick, or who has been around sick people, not to visit. We also ask that people who come to see him have had a flu shot. Hopefully some of you will get to meet him soon, but they will probably have to be short visits, and nobody will be able to visit him in groups due to NICU rules.

I am sorry to have to be such a stickler about this, but in the meantime, we'll try to post as many photos and videos of him as possible to tide everyone over! Iggy has set up a youtube account for Magnus, and I'm trying to post plenty of pictures to Flickr.


  1. He is adorable. I am so sorry you are still attached to IVs...that really sucks.

    I wanted to let you know that I awarded you the HeartFelt Blogger Award. Thank you for sharing Magnus' journey!

  2. Hey Jen, if you want to get some pictures of him in the dim lighting and it's OK for me to bring my big camera into his room, let me know! I could come over on Saturday.

  3. I am so happy to hear that things are going well! Hope you get off the IVs soon, take good care of yourself! Magnus needs you in good shape :) sending big, calm energy your way! <3

  4. hey, just checking in on you guys..sorry about the darn iv.
    hope things continue to go well for your family!

  5. Thanks for updating us! My sister, and Annie, and my mom all wanted to pass on their good wishes. My sister and mom wanted you to know they have Magnus in their prayers.

    I'll be out of town this weekend but back on Sunday. I would love to see you guys before his surgery; maybe Monday or Tuesday afternoon, when I'm out of class?

    Ian wasn't feeling great yesterday, so if he turns out to be sick, of course I won't come. Let me know what's easiest for you guys. Luckily, I live here, so I'll get to see him all the time!