Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Quiet evening

I just called over to the hospital to check on how Magnus is doing, and his nurse said that he was doing well, and that they'd been able to turn his ventilator down by a few settings, which I guess is good. It's progress!

Iggy and I are having a sorely needed night in at home and taking care of stuff that has literally piled up around the house. The nurses said that although Magnus can't wear any clothes yet, we can feel free to bring in cool hats and blankets for him...two objects that we of course have none of, so I might try and look into that tomorrow.

Iggy is planning to make Magnus a new name sign for his crib tonight, so for now, the only "custom" thing we have in there with him now is this plush toxic mold that Iggy found at the UCSF bookstore. We have decided that the toxic mold is watching over him and keeping him safe! Yeah, we're perverse like that.


  1. Hey, toxic mold is pretty damn tough to beat so I think it's a great Magnus Protector. So, SO glad to hear that the surgery went well and that he's doing well tonight, and I hope you guys are doing okay too. Lots more love and hope and good thoughts still heading your way!

  2. That's good news about Magnus! Yea!
    I think there's a package waiting at the post office, which may have another stuffed animal that plays soothing sounds in it. So, if you get a chance to pick up that package today, then perhaps that will help. I also ordered at least one hat (maybe two) from your registry which should arrive soon.

  3. and socks! even with monitors and IVs you can sometimes still put on socks. They have some that look like chuck taylors :)

    LOVE the toxic mold guardian, what a cool score!

    We're making steps towards discharge over here and I'm visualizing you guys in this mode just a few weeks from now, may it go as smoothly as possible <3

  4. Clare, unfortunately, Magnus won't be able to wear socks for a while...I didn't mention this, but during his surgery they realized that the IV in his left foot blew out a vein and he now has a big, gnarly lesion on his foot that they want to keep an eye on. They think it might leave a permanent scar, which is really the least of our worries right now, but it's upsetting that he has one more thing to deal with.