Saturday, November 28, 2009

Still doing well

This morning when I came in to see Magnus, his nurse told me that they were going to try to extubate him today, but then later the doctors said that they thought they'd wait until tomorrow morning. So, I was excited and then disappointed, but tomorrow morning is still pretty fast, and if that goes well, we should be able to hold him again soon AND to finally get some food in his belly for the first time since he was born!

Yesterday's heavy narcotics have now worn off, and Magnus is back to his old self: grabbing onto our fingers (his night nurse noticed that he loves to grab stuff, and so he made him some "dumbbells" out of rolled-up bandages to hold onto when mom and dad's fingers aren't around), opening his eyes and looking around, and occasionally fussing (although overall he's being amazingly mellow and tolerant about everything).

So anyway, everyone think good extubation thoughts tomorrow! I'll try to keep you posted on how that goes.


  1. Go Magnus go!

    Thank you for the update, Jen. I hope everything goes well tomorrow and that you and Iggy are doing well.

  2. Man, weight training already... dag. ;)

    glad to hear the tubes are coming out, thinking of you guys often.