Sunday, November 22, 2009

Out of here (one of us, anyway)

Just a few quick updates:

-I've been officially discharged! Of course, I'm still going to be in the hospital most of the time anyway, but I'm very excited to have the option of going outside, wearing real clothes, etc! Basically, I left the house on Tuesday morning for a non-stress test, and haven't been home since, so I'm very excited to at least go through my mail and water the plants!

-Dr. Azakie stopped by Magnus's bedside this morning (he is quite a guy...not only does he never get sick, he also works 7 days a week, apparently!) He said he wants to try to schedule Magnus's surgery for Tuesday instead of Wednesday if they can make that work. They're going to let us know definitively tomorrow. The reason they want to do this is just because he's doing so well right now, and every day that goes by is another chance for that to not be the case. I totally agree that sooner is better than later. Also, I would feel a little better about his first post-surgical day NOT being a major holiday (Thanksgiving).

-We have a totally cool nurse today who let me have skin-to-skin contact with Magnus for close to an hour this morning! He really seemed to like it and of course I did, too! We're going to try to do more of that today, definitely.


  1. That is so cool about the skin to skin contact. If only they'd let him try nursing, I bet that would help both of you, too, but I guess that's not possible. By the way, when will Magnus be able to try nursing?
    Love, Mom

  2. Kangaroo time is the best!! Get as much of it while you can. They say it also helps stimulate your milk production :-)
    Make sure Daddy gets some KT too. Good bonding for all!

  3. Skin to skin is the best. Make sure you take advantage of every minute you get for that contact. It may be a little while after surgery before you will be able to do it. The question on breastfeeding is a hard one...all little ones are different, but I know Hope is not able to breastfeed because it takes more energy and she needs all the calories she can get. Pumping and then mixing is the closest I get, but I am thankful she is home and doing will be there soon too!

    Congratulations on the discharge!