Thursday, June 19, 2014

Day 10

Today has been such a busy day, I haven't had time to update! Magnus was weaned off his nitric oxide gas last night, and then this morning they weaned down his oxygen (he's still on high-flow oxygen, but now 10 liters rather than 15). He also got 2 out of his 4 chest tubes today AND he got the go-ahead to start eating and drinking a bit. We started with chocolate pudding, because he likes it and I figured it was relatively easy to digest and hard to aspirate.

Now that he's able to eat, the hope is that he can be weaned off TPN (IV nutrients) and then he won't need the line in his neck anymore.

After the doctors did their rounds we had a visit from Magnus's beloved Teacher Beth from his preschool as well as her boyfriend, who helped make Magnus an awesome card with some notes from many of his school friends. They also brought a big poster his classmates made, which we now have hanging on the wall (sorry about the glitter, housekeeping staff!). Magnus was so excited to see them! After they left, the physical therapy team came and helped Magnus get out of bed, where he did some standing for the first time after surgery, and then he sat in a chair for about 3 hours! While he was doing his chair time, we had a second set of visitors, Josh and his mom, Allison. They were here for a clinic appointment in the morning, and then they kindly brought me and my mom lunch afterwards. They also brought Magnus a cool Brobee toy.

I think my mom got some good pictures today of Magnus eating pudding, etc., but I have been too busy to take any! So here's a photo from yesterday of Magnus sitting in a chair painting, and Grandma maintaining her social media presence.


  1. So glad Magnus had a good day today! Jen, could you email me with the address, so Arlo can send his package to Magnus?