Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Day 9

So far, day 9 has been pretty quiet. Magnus's nurse last night gave him a dose of Ativan, and I guess it's just taking a long time to wear off because he's mostly been asleep (the attending told me that his liver function is probably still abnormal post-surgery, and therefore it's not unexpected that he would metabolize the Ativan very slowly).

His chest X-ray did look better this morning (though still not perfect) and after heavy doses of diuretics, they do not see any more fluid on that bad right side of his. They're weaning him off his inhaled medication and increasing his tube feeds. The next step after this will be to start weaning down his oxygen flow, and then he'll be able to eat and drink again! That's probably a couple more days off, though.

Grandma Ruth is here and is already a big help!

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