Thursday, June 12, 2014

Some progress

Well, today was hard in a lot of ways, but we are making progress. The top photo was taken 2 days ago right after he was extubated (note the purple fingers because his circulation wasn't too good; it is much better now) and the bottom one was taken today. We are in a much better place now than we were then. And I have really been so impressed by all of the staff here. The attending cardiologist who has been on during the day while we've been here is particularly great in that she is very focused on Magnus's comfort and mental state as well as his medical progress. It would have been very easy for her to say "he doesn't like the CPAP mask? Too bad, he's got a collapsed lung." Instead, she has allowed him to take breaks from wearing it and to allow him to have water and popsicles. On top of this, she is also super glamorous...have you ever seen anyone who works in a hospital who wears 3-inch heels to work? Well, now I have. And yes, she is able to sprint in them when there's a code on the ward (as I unfortunately saw tonight). Anyway, that's not the point. The point is that I feel very confident in the team here and I appreciate the fact that they are very receptive to any suggestions we have and actively encourage us to participate in rounds and other discussions. Oh, and our nurses have been awesome, too, but none of them have worn heels.

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  1. I have always been so impressed with people who can navigate through life in heels... We're keeping a close eye on your updates here in Vermont and are wishing Magnus every sort of good wish there is for ease in recovery.