Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Ugh, probably not today

The team just did their rounds, and it is looking more likely that we will spend one more day here. As I suspected, his anticoagulant levels did go up, but not as quickly as they would have liked. In addition, he scratched the scab off his chest incision and now the surgeons have to come look at it, and we're looking at possible antibiotics, which interfere with the anticoagulant. So, they're saying it's not impossible we'll get out today, but most likely tomorrow. Of course, it might not actually be tomorrow, either. This is why I never like to say for sure that we're leaving the hospital until it actually happens!

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  1. Hang in there dear Jen, Iggy, Magnus! Home is where the heart is - but after all you have worked for - let's make the hospital exit the best possible option- each of you get an excellence award for showing us all what family is about! Love you, Marilyn