Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Much better day

Things have been quiet since Magnus's little episode this morning! He's been doing well with just the cannula; the doctor had said that they would put him back on the CPAP machine overnight, but so far they haven't put it on him so maybe he got a reprieve by doing so well with just the cannula. He's also been upgraded to being allowed small sips of water and ice. If his morning bloodwork shows that his blood has sufficient clotting ability, they will take out his intracardiac lines, which will mean that he can be less sedated and maybe even start getting up.

Our heroic nurse from last night is back with us again, but she's having a much easier night tonight.


  1. Great news, Jen and Iggy! Thanks. Magnus is keeping family and fans in several states on the edge of their seats. We hope he has a great Thursday. He is in our thoughts. His Grandma Carol, who just woke up, sends her love to him.

    1. So glad that Magnus is doing better. Our fingers are crossed, hoping that he continues to make good progress. Sending love and kisses to all.

  2. Yes, not the reality show you want to be starring in, but you guys are getting the best ratings, ever! Hope it's a good day!