Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Day 8

I had hoped that today would be a day of great leaps and bounds, but early this morning we got the news that his chest X-ray was looking a little worse again (his lung was looking a little more collapsed). They discussed putting him back on the CPAP machine, but then at the last minute decided to hold off and instead to focus on trying to get him upright as much as possible and out of bed.

Later that morning, we had a visit from the parents of one of Magnus's school friends. They brought us some delicious lunch, which was very exciting!

After they left, it was time to work on getting up and about. Yesterday, with the help of the physical therapy team, he was able to sit in a chair for about 10 minutes before getting too tired. Today, he sat in the chair for 45 minutes! They did another X-ray this afternoon, and his lung was looking about the same or maybe a little better, so we are still off the CPAP for now.

Magnus and I were both a little tired today. He was awake all day yesterday, and we were hoping he would sleep well overnight, but the nurses still need to mess with him a lot, so he went to bed late, slept fitfully, and then woke up early. Parents aren't allowed to sleep at the bedside in the ICU, but they do have sleeping facilities for parents in and around the ward. From Tuesday through Saturday night, I had a private sleep room, which was really great, but then it was determined that another family needed it more, so I've been demoted to sleeping in the parent lounge, where there are 4 couches. Sunday night wasn't bad--it ended up that there was only one other person sleeping in there that night, but last night all the beds were filled, one of them by a REALLY loud snorer (Iggy is a loud snorer...this guy put Iggy to shame), plus his phone kept ringing and it didn't wake him up. Here's hoping he's not my roommate again tonight! (As an aside, I finished watching the new season of "Orange is the New Black" this week, and it is a little bit eerie how much being in the hospital is like being in a minimum security prison...the lack of privacy, bunking with a bunch of strangers, the lack of control over most everything...)

Iggy is also headed back to San Francisco today, though he'll still be coming down to visit. Luckily, the cavalry (a.k.a. Grandma Ruth) is on its way as we speak!


  1. Dear dear dear Jen, Iggy, Magnus we send our love and wishes for clear lung function - reach out to each other, feel the love! Marilyn

  2. Hope the lung perks up. I also just finished OITNB. Don't make eye contact or make anyone mad. The cafe might starve you out or worse.