Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Steps forward, steps back

Magnus did pretty well for most of the morning after intubation, and got to sit up, watch TV, and eat ice chips and popsicles and drink water (unfortunately, ice cream is not going to be an option any time soon while he's still getting all that gunk out of his lungs) but there was growing concern about his right lung being partially collapsed. They decided that they would have to put him on a CPAP machine. This episode happened to coincide with me going back to our hotel to take a shower and change clothes, and apparently it was pretty ugly. They ended up having to sedate him again, although he woke up again just now and was not happy about the fact that he can't drink water anymore.

This morning at rounds, the doctors were saying that his progress is, as could be expected, a little slower than most and that he won't be getting any lines out or getting out of bed today. Hopefully tomorrow we'll make more progress.

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  1. Thanks for the update Jen. Hang in there. We all be sending thoughts for these stressful hiccups to lessen with each day.