Wednesday, June 25, 2014

You guys are still here?

We've heard a lot of that today. And yes, we are still here. Magnus's INR this morning was 1.4. The good news is that the surgeons have backed off in their requirement of 2.0 and said he needs to be 1.6 to go home. We were 1.2 yesterday, so hopefully 1.6 tomorrow.

Magnus did not sleep well last night. We have a new roommate, and he has a very large family who like to visit. As a result, Magnus was pretty grumpy all morning although he did end up taking a nap in the afternoon. Iggy was also able to come down for most of the day, and in the evening we had a visit from our friends Katrin and Finn.

Overall, though, we are both pretty sick of the hospital and can't wait to be out of here!

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